Sunday, February 27, 2011

We need a bracketologist...

Why is ESPNs Joe Lunardi the only one known as a bracketologist? I appreciate his work and like reading what he has to say but I think we can all consider ourselves amateur bracketologists. Except for the person in your work pool who wins off picking colors of teams. That will always make me mad.

Lunardi has still been leaning towards 10 or 11 Big East teams getting into the dance this year, but I'm not sure I see more than 9 making it. Marquette got a W today but I still it's tough for them or WVU to sneak in this year. A strong showing in the Big East tournament (which either or more than capable of) may seal the deal. Then again, I'm no bracketologist.

Fans from other conferences seem to argue the fact that the Big East consistently gets the most teams in and that 11 is even in the realm of possibility. I'm not sure how sound the arguement really is from them. Other conferences have clearly weakened in the past few years (I'm looking at you Pac-10 and SEC) and the Big East has remained the most competitive conference. There can be a great game any night in the Big East and we've seen many this year. When it comes to the Big East tournament, I think they are some of the most fun days of basketball all year, sometimes outdoing the first days of the dance itself. If 11 teams happen to get in from the Big East, I certainly won't complain and I think it could strengthen the tournament overall.

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